hi, i'm jessica

My story began in 1994 when my dad gifted me a pink film camera. I was only eight years old, but I knew in that moment that my life had changed. 

I began taking photos of everything and everyone. When I had my first roll of film developed and held my first photos in my hands; I was hooked. I knew then I wanted to be a photographer when I grew up.
Back then, I dressed up my family and my friends for pretend photoshoots; now I'm living my dream.

When I'm not on location shooting portraits or a beautiful wedding, you can find me chasing after my 4 year old daughter, Emilia, or my Shih Tzu puppy, Ollie. Fun fact: I used to work as a chef. I love cooking, and I love eating.  A lot. My day doesn't officially begin until I've had coffee; then I turn up some music and dance around to get my blood flowing. Running makes me feel alive, and I love any chance to travel and see the world.

There's something electric about New York City. When I'm walking the streets of the city, I look around and see culture. There's a culture of not only creative freedom, but freedom to be yourself.  Endless possibilities. These elements together always make for incredible images, 

New York City, New York

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venice, italy

favorite shoot location