Pat + April // Bristoe Station Battlefield Heritage Park // Engagement // Bristow, Virginia // Virginia Wedding Photographer

When I met Pat & April, I knew I had to photograph their wedding.  They’re both local Police Officers, and their disposition and character really inspired me. They had a very laid back approach to their wedding day; the main goal? Enjoying themselves and not stressing over the small stuff. They love candid photographs and a more artistic look.  I knew that I’d have a lot of fun capturing their engagement session and wedding, what I didn’t know was exactly how awesome their chemistry would be.

A common (like 90% of the time) theme I run into with clients, is that they don’t like having their picture taken.  When I hear this I get REALLY excited, because I know that I can wow them with images of themselves they’ll love.  With my silly and upbeat, yet calm and patient demeanor; I create an inspired, relaxed, and fun atmosphere that really allows people to let their guard down in front of the camera.  This is when the magic happens.

I absolutely love peeling those layers back and capturing that real, raw emotion that lies within us all.  For some couples, this is joking and being silly in a carefree way.  For others, it’s passionate moments of romance.  For many? A bit of both.  Combine that with a gorgeous sunset over an open field in Fall?!  Well…take a look and see.  ; )




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